Streamlined vibratory and shock absorption made simple with Mackay plate isolators

Mackay is the largest manufacturer of vibration isolators in Australia with simple, effective solutions for controlling damaging structural vibrations and shock on rock crushing and large hopper feeder applications.  For rock crusher control cabins, which are typically located at the top of the equipment, the structural vibrations induced by the crushing operation can be significant, and as such, it becomes necessary to isolate the control cabin for the safety and comfort of operators and the protection of equipment.  The latest Mackay M211 Series Plate Isolator is state-of-the-art passive plate mounted isolation system that has been designed and engineered to protect rock crushing equipment and machinery using passive vibration isolation to contain energy using dampening elements.   The M211 series of Plate isolators are ideal for isolating from structural vibrations generated by rock crushers or large vibratory hopper feeders. As vibrations are typically predominantly located in the horizontal plane, this design makes it possible to stack one mount upon another to increase lateral isolation.  By using the same external dimensions and simply changing the rubber hardness and intermediate steel plates with the Mackay M211 series of Plate isolators range of mounts, a crushing application will increase its maximum loading capacity from 1,452kg to 17,700kg. The larger load capacity of the M211 series isolators creates a wide range of potential application solution opportunities.  As every application can be different, Mackay has a team of specialist product engineers ready to assist with solving any vibration problem. Working in partnership with Motion Australia as a distributor ensures Mackay products are widely accessible through a massive network of supply channels nationwide, giving mining operators security and peace of mind on lead times and shipping costs. 
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