Low-voltage drive solutions for heavy industry

TECO’s track record for designing award winning electrical and rotating equipment is what makes them uniquely qualified to design and develop products and services for heavy duty industrial operations.  Mining, excavating, quarrying and heavy earth moving operations are subject to some of the harshest working conditions in the world, with equipment running 24/7 on site to keep up with an ever-increasing demand for raw materials in the world today.  Whether it’s a semi-autogenous or ball mill, a conveyor or a crusher, the drive lines on these sites need to contend with high ambient temperature, impact loads and voltage transients that could compromise valuable uptime in the case of incidental equipment failure.  TECO understands the challenges of heavy industry, and as a strategic supplier to Motion Australia, they have proactivity increased ability to deliver best in class products to Australian heavy earth moving, mining, quarrying, and excavating operations.  Motion Australia’s inventory capabilities, combined with their extensive network of more than 140 branches Australia-wide, means that TECO electrical solutions are readily available to customers— no matter how remote the location.   Drawing on years of expertise in intelligent electrical-mechanical design, TECO has developed the 510 Low-Voltage Variable Speed Drives specifically to accommodate the needs of heavy industrial applications.  Each 510 series model variation (F, A, E, and L) has its own unique capabilities to suit the requirements of any application— the result of which is a range of truly “F.A.E.L. safe” Low-Voltage Variable Speed Drives.
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A Shell Lubricants guide to driveline lubrication

Shell understands that a mobile equipment fleet is the backbone of any mining operation. To keep operations running on uptime, equipment needs to always be running reliably and efficiently, which is often the result of choosing the optimal lubricant.  So, which type of lubricant is best for ensuring operators get the most out of their engines, transmissions, hydraulic systems, and greased components? Global leading expert on mobile equipment lubricants, Shell, shares some of their insights.  According to Shell’s industry research, lubricants account for only around 1-2% of total maintenance costs. Yet if chosen correctly, many operators do not realise that choosing the right lubricant product for a piece of equipment can save up to 30% on total operating costs1. Further research conducted by Shell experts shows that adequate lubrication on mobile mining equipment is often overlooked until it’s too late and an inevitable breakdown happens— leading to unnecessary costs and delays that could have been avoidable.  Particularly, when in the field, it’s easy to neglect lubricant maintenance in the name of productivity. For this reason, it’s important to use high quality premium lubricants to ready your fleet for the job.  Choosing the correct lubricant or grease often depends on a combination of the equipment’s design characteristics, operational parameters, and environment. Factors like temperature, humidity, and location (altitude/underground) all pose different challenges for lubrication. With lubrication customised to each application, your machines will run at peak performance throughout the life of an oil drain. Shell believes that choosing the right lubricant product from inception is one of the most valuable investments equipment operators can make for the future of their operation. That’s why Shell lubricants for Driveline was created as a portfolio of high performing lubricants designed to bolster the performance of every machine component and maximise uptime.  The local team of Shell Lubricant experts and technical representatives are available to consult with operators on choosing the right product to suit the Driveline ratios of their mobile equipment. To simplify the process, Shell has created a portfolio of distinct product ranges for enhancing the performance of five key components on mobile equipment. Engines
To avoid abrasive wear that leads to reduced efficiency and higher fuel consumption, and oil oxidation from overheating.
Product Range: Shell Rimula Transmissions
Transmission lubricant needs to accommodate low starting temperatures and then build a strong layer of protection as heat increases to resist oxidization.
Product Range: Shell Spirax  Hydraulics
Air needs to be released quickly on hydraulic applications to avoid air bubbles that will hinder the pressure and lower efficiency levels. Corrosive deposits further reduce efficiency.
Product Range: Shell Tellus. Rear Axles
Optimal lubrication should extend oil drain intervals and maximise component life, improve fuel economy and be robust in hot, dirty conditions.
Product Range: Shell Spirax  Wheel Bearings
For water and washout resistance, rust inhibition and protection against wear and extreme pressure additives.
Product Range: Shell Gadus  Motion Australia and their associated businesses—CBC, BSC, WebsterBSC, Hardy Spicer, and CRAM—have an unprecedented distribution network, making Shell products available to even the most remote industrial mining and excavation sites in the country.  As the exclusive distributor of Shell lubricant products in Australia, Viva Energy works in partnership with Motion Australia to ensure Australians have access to the most premium lubrication for mobile equipment available in the world. For more information on lubricant recommendations based on application requirements, visit your local Motion Australia branch today.  Reference: 1. Unlocking Efficiency in Mining Report, Shell.com Read More

Gearbox solution keeps the earth moving

As a Technical Specialist in Power Transmission for CBC, it’s Milan Sreckov’s responsibility to assess the performance of power transmission equipment in customer applications.
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belt tensioning

Tune it right: Easy guide to belt tensioning

Adjusting tension in a drive belt can be a lot like tuning strings on a guitar. That is given the right tools are at hand to provide correct tension readings on the belt, and accurate calculations to determine the tensioning parameters.
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drill rig chain

Maintaining drill rig chains professionally

Drill rig chains work in some of the most challenging environments. High loads, abrasive conditions and exposure to dirt and dust mean these chains have a shorter service life than most other roller chains.
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