Biodegradable tool grease ideal for sustainable contractor

  Rammer’s BIO Tool Grease for hydraulic rockbreakers has been developed in collaboration with customers across the extractive industries. Read More

Gearbox solution keeps the earth moving

As a Technical Specialist in Power Transmission for CBC, it’s Milan Sreckov’s responsibility to assess the performance of power transmission equipment in customer applications.
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Rammer technology to help cut downtime

The use of advanced hydraulics, materials technology, strength calculations, impact wave theory and production technology have cemented the Rammer’s position as the go-to rockbreaker solutions provider for the Australian mining, quarrying and construction industries.
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drill rig chain

Maintaining drill rig chains professionally

Drill rig chains work in some of the most challenging environments. High loads, abrasive conditions and exposure to dirt and dust mean these chains have a shorter service life than most other roller chains.
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Pinnacle Hire

Pinnacle Hire reduce water supply cost by thinking outside the hose

Pinnacle Hire were recently engaged to inspect a pump application for water supply and found the client was suffering from inefficient hose applications. 
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