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Enhancing educational initiatives, benefits for the quarrying industry

IQA President <b>Wayne Scott</b> reflects on the Institute's Education Foundation which continues to provide much needed seed funding for members of the quarrying industry to further their professional development and training.
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WA remains the state for workers

Specialty human resources firm Ranstad?s Workmonitor reports maintain that Western Australia?s employment sector is strong with local and overseas interest.
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Revenge of the Gravel Monkeys

<b>Bill Langer</b> explains this issue why he would like to take <i>The Big Bang Theory</i>’s main character, Sheldon Cooper, by the scruff of his neck out into the desert to teach him a thing or two about the importance of geology …
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Engineering supplier increases Illawarra apprentice uptake

In what ranks as a complete antithesis to the generally gloomy forecast for manufacturing in the NSW industrial region of Illawarra, one of its most progressive engineering firms that facilitates the mining sector nationally is actually increasing in 2012 the quota on its annual uptake of apprentices.
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iPhone to convey more information

<div>Superior Industries, a US company and makers of conveying equipment, has launched an iPhone app called ConveyCalc ? and it?s free.</div><div><br></div>
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A new pair of gloves designed to reduce hand fatigue has been introduced by Ansell.
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Drive options on mobile crushers: mechanical or hydraulic?

What are the best drive options for a mobile crushing plant? What separates the mechanical and hydraulic methods? And is one more effective than the other?
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The Odd Rock: New concrete sound

Idiosyncratic Israeli designer Shmuel Linski has come up with another crazy but functional project: a pair of 56kg concrete-encased music speakers.
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G is for Gnome

They may be garden mascots today but, as Bill Langer explains, gnomes’ origins are in the Mineral Kingdom and they were once thought to hold the secrets to treasures and ores.
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Rubber Cutting Edges

These rubber cutting edges are engineered using an abrasion and chunk resistant mining rubber compound for extended wear.
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