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Celebrating a golden anniversary

Bill Langer this month commemorates a milestone in his personal life, but will his wife Pam accept his golden gift?
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Will the good ships of quarrying encounter stormy weather?

The crystal ball is back! Damian Christie discusses which states and territories are getting the most out of our current infrastructure boom - and as a result whether the quarrying industry is equipped to leverage off this activity ...
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Gearing up for a busy 2019 in professional development

The IQA is poised to revamp its education and training offerings this year. <strong>Clayton Hill</strong> explains the benefits of the revamped program for members and how it will contribute to sustainable growth and longevity for the Institute ...
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OEM expands global mineral processing presence with new brand

A provider of screening, washing and primary crushing systems has established a global brand that will encompass the product offerings of its engine rooms in North America, Europe and South America.
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IQ Connect to promote global growth, opportunities

Liaising with the Institute's international peers about education and training is one way of ascertaining how advanced the IQA itself is in delivering its own programs successfully, and how it can also assist its peers to grow. <strong>Clayton Hill</strong> explains.
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The geology of beer

We all know geology – and quarrying – contributes enormously to our infrastructure and our lifestyles. As <strong>Bill Langer</strong> explains, geology also plays a crucial role in the fermentation of one of life’s other great “necessities” …
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Smectite clay – a dog’s best friend!

As we all know, aggregate can be used in a multitude of daily applications – from paving roads to the production of personal hygiene and make-up products. It is also employed in some medications – and for one little dog, a little bit of clay can go along way, as <strong>Bill Langer</strong> explains …
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Green light to reopen regional site

A quarry operator’s proposal to reopen and rehabilitate a quarry has gained approval from its local council.
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Sandvik – QS441

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REV – GCR & GCS 106

<strong><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">View Crusher Screen Sales & Hire's Showroom »</a></strong>
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Bulk explosive offers optimum performance, versatility

Maxam Australia’s Rioflex 10000 bulk explosive is a high energy, fully water-resistant product that is clean burning and features a non-explosive base.
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