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L is for Lava

In his continuing alphabetical ruminations on quarrying terms, Bill Langer focuses on lava, a term whose origins are rooted as much in water as in fire.
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Assessing water influence on drop cut blasting

Water is an all too often overlooked parameter in the blast design process and can, in turn, negatively impact the other blasting parameters. Shane Slaughter explains the roles of water and blast design and how water influence can be mitigated.
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K is for Potassium

In his ongoing A-Z of quarrying terms, Bill Langer explains how potassium came to earn the chemical symbol of K and how it today still plays a fundamental role in sustaining the human condition.
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Victoria’s mountains growing taller

  Victoria’s alps are rising each year, according to an 18-month survey conducted by the Eastern Victoria Geoscience Initiative. The …
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Particle size outweighs chemical properties in aggregate strength

Geophysicists and fluids mechanics experts have provided new insight into how tiny ‘bridges’ help particles form aggregates, in a discovery …
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UK leaders back UNESCO bid for Welsh slate landscape  

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has thrown his support behind a bid for a series of slate quarries in northwest …
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Melting rock models predict mechanical origins of earthquakes

  Engineering academics have devised a model that can predict the early mechanical behaviours and origins of earthquakes in multiple …
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Why safety shouldn’t be a lofty Christmas ideal

Taking it to the end of 2019 and spending Christmas with our families and friends ought to be a relief …
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IQA membership value more than just the education on offer

It’s an exciting time for the Institute of Quarrying Australia. I have to thank Clayton Hill for his leadership and …
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The elements of surprise

As we close out the year, Bill Langer acknowledges some of the elements on the Periodic Table, which was first …
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Steel: A global product for the US market

In 2018 the USA imposed steel tariffs on all but four countries outside North America (including Australia). Bill Langer explains …
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