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Fossil site provides insight into ancient Australian rainforests

Though Australia is typically regarded as a dry and hot country, millions of years ago it was covered in rainforests. …
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Concretions: Inexplicable spherical rocks

Though concretions are almost perfectly smooth and round, these rock formations are in fact completely naturally occurring.
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Evidence of Roman invasion unearthed at Scottish quarry

A recent archaeological dig at a quarry in Scotland found evidence of a potential Roman battle on a former ironworking …
King herod
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The mystery of king herod’s bathtubs

Herod “the Great” was a Jewish Roman king that ruled Judea in the second half of the first century BC. 
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Quarrying: an 13,000 year old art

While modern quarrying is a hot topic, University of Wyoming researchers and Wyoming’s state archaeologist have looked 13,000 years into …
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Is ore-sand the answer to sand shortage?

Researchers from Queensland and Geneva have used samples from one of Vale’s largest iron ore sites to repurpose mineral waste while alleviating the global sand crisis.
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Queenslanders to vote on fossil emblem

Queenslanders have been given the chance to pick their favourite fossil to add to Queensland’s nine official emblems.
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Meteor mining unlocks solar system secrets: Curtin

Curtin University researchers have used Drone technology to study the potential of mining asteroids as a source of rare elements, following the successful discovery of a meteorite in Western Australia.
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Zircon answers the age old question: Curtin

Researchers from Curtin University have studied the age of sand granules to understand more about the Earth’s ancient history than ever before.
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Uluru just the tip of the iceberg

Researchers from Monash University have explored the 550-million-year formation of Indigenous sacred site, Uluru, in Australia’s Northern Territory.
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Roman gladiators call abandoned quarry home

Swiss archaeologists have found a 1600-year-old Roman amphitheatre was built into an even older abandoned quarry, dating it as the youngest amphitheatre in the Roman Empire.
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