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Prehistoric continent found under Canadian island during diamond exploration

Remnants of an ancient continent that stretched across Europe and broke apart 150 million years ago have been unearthed under Canada’s Baffin Island. 
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Tours conducted of Federal Parliament’s oldest ‘member’

Rather than living under one, the national parliament has been living on top of a 430 million-year-old rock for decades.
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Made to order screens

Locker Group’s extensive range of screen media, which is renowned for its efficiency and extended wear life, can now be customised to quarrying producers’ expectations.
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Hey! Have you got rocks in your head?

Continuing his exploration of the periodic table, <strong>Bill Langer</strong> this month examines the mineral elements on which the brain relies for sustenance and growth …
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Taking on Tier 4 engines

Tier 4 Final engines are not compulsory in Australia but, thanks to the innovations of OEMs, the nation is inexorably following the global transition in engine evolution. For operations feeling the ‘pressure’ to switch, how they approach the change could be vital to implementing fuel savings.
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Is it ‘game over’ for the diesel engine?

The diesel engine has become a highly efficient power source – but how much further does it have to go? Dr Staffan Lundgren discusses the engine’s development and what its future may look like.
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Countering incorrect perceptions about the industry

With social media increasingly becoming a potent tool in raising opposition to quarrying applications, <strong>Clayton Hill</strong> outlines what the IQA is doing in its own use of social media to set the record straight and turn around false perceptions.
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Six steps to a rock solid maintenance program

The efficient running of a quarry operation is dependent on the upkeep and maintenance of both fixed and mobile plant and equipment. In turn, maintenance also requires a commitment on the part of the operator to address long-term solutions, not just immediate problems.
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New discoveries shed light on Stonehenge mysteries

Excavations at two quarries in Wales provide new evidence of megalith quarrying 5000 years ago, according to a study led by London’s University College.
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Tramp metal removal system

Matching a powerful magnetic separator alongside a smart metal detector is the best defence against unwanted tramp metal which can be dangerous and damage expensive equipment.
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Council gives nod for granite quarry in record time

Bucking the trend of delayed approvals and rejections, a Queensland council has given the green light to a regional quarry for granite extraction in less than four months.

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