Rammer releases biodegradable grease

Rammer has launched BIO Tool Grease – a biodegradable grease for hydraulic rockbreakers – as part of its aim to help support more sustainable rockbreaking operations.
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drill rig chain

Maintaining drill rig chains professionally

Drill rig chains work in some of the most challenging environments. High loads, abrasive conditions and exposure to dirt and dust mean these chains have a shorter service life than most other roller chains.
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Pinnacle Hire

Pinnacle Hire reduce water supply cost by thinking outside the hose

Pinnacle Hire were recently engaged to inspect a pump application for water supply and found the client was suffering from inefficient hose applications. 
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Turning market pressure into market opportunity

Most people would list some essential qualities of quarrying equipment as robust, reliable, low maintenance, and maybe high tech. But one feature becoming increasingly important, in the wake of COVID-19 restrictions is Australian-made. 
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