Rammer technology to help cut downtime

The use of advanced hydraulics, materials technology, strength calculations, impact wave theory and production technology have cemented the Rammer’s position as the go-to rockbreaker solutions provider for the Australian mining, quarrying and construction industries.
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Victorian extractive industry flourishes – in spite of COVID-19

Victoria has recorded its highest level of extractive production in over 10 years, according to the Victorian Earth Resources sector indicators for 2019-20.
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drill rig chain

Maintaining drill rig chains professionally

Drill rig chains work in some of the most challenging environments. High loads, abrasive conditions and exposure to dirt and dust mean these chains have a shorter service life than most other roller chains.
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Impact drill & blast feature

Upstream tech solves downstream wear and tear

  How you drill and blast your aggregate can be vital to how it is processed and refined downstream. Steve Price, of Impact Drill & Blast, explains why a full rock-on-ground service can ensure an operation’s quarry products smoothly make the transition from the face to the gate.  Read More
Sandvik Leopard DI650i

Sandvik adds autonomous capabilities to Leopard DI650i drill rig

Sandvik has developed the iDrill automation platform to enable fully autonomous blasthole drilling for the Leopard DI650i down-the-hole drill rig.
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