Sizing and gaining the most from your mining excavators and haulers


In mining and other extractive industries, it is important to match excavators to your haul trucks to lower your total cost of ownership (TCO). If they are mismatched, you will be inefficient and burn extra fuel. If you can mitigate that, you’ll lower your operating costs over time and start realising higher profits as a result.

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Michael McQueen: The future of work, skills needs


Michael McQueen is looking forward to helping delegates better understand where future opportunities lie at the IQA conference this week. McQueen discusses the trends to be embraced, the traps and mistakes to be avoided, and the practical game plans businesses in the quarrying industry and in other industries will have to implement in order to be successful in a disruptive future.

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Undertaking resource optimisation in your quarry


Pit optimisation studies are useful for not only identifying a given resource, but insight into the best sequences for extraction. Jackie Gauntlett explains some of the processes necessary to derive the most value from the resource and also make significant savings in time and investment.

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Empathy in leaders: A journalist’s perspective


As part of the recent commentary on the characteristics of effective leadership, Quarry editor Damian Christie (pictured above and below) explains the importance of empathy in his role working with the quarrying industry for the past 13 years.

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IQA seminar highlights proactive, preventative approaches to safety

The IQA’s Queensland branch held a follow up health and safety workshop in Brisbane on 11 November. The aim was to provide an opportunity to update knowledge on key safety topics raised at the Queensland Safety & Health Conference earlier in the year and promote further dialogue about ways to improve the industry’s approach to work health and safety issues.

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Hole navigation ensures reliable drilling practice, delivers smooth operation


Epiroc has cemented itself as a leader in drill rig technology – so much so that about 95 per cent of orders for its SmartROC drill rigs include its Hole Navigation System.

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Gearbox solution keeps the earth moving

As a technical specialist in power transmission for CBC, it’s Milan Sreckov’s responsibility to assess the performance of power transmission equipment in customer applications. If the equipment is underperforming, he will propose an alternative solution – which was the case with one earthmoving customer.

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