Sizing and gaining the most from your mining excavators and haulers


In mining and other extractive industries, it is important to match excavators to your haul trucks to lower your total cost of ownership (TCO). If they are mismatched, you will be inefficient and burn extra fuel. If you can mitigate that, you’ll lower your operating costs over time and start realising higher profits as a result.

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Michael McQueen: The future of work, skills needs


Michael McQueen is looking forward to helping delegates better understand where future opportunities lie at the IQA conference this week. McQueen discusses the trends to be embraced, the traps and mistakes to be avoided, and the practical game plans businesses in the quarrying industry and in other industries will have to implement in order to be successful in a disruptive future.

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How the circular economy can assist quarrying


Boral has recently set itself ambitious climate abatement targets to 2030, including reducing Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 46 per cent. Ahead of the IQA conference, Victoria Sherwood and Jason Sweeney explain how the company’s advances in recycling will help to reduce carbon pollution and benefit its own quarries, as well as the broader interests of its customers and other industry members.

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