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Roo Attachments

Port Kembla, NSW

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Sale Price $3,400 GST Exclusive
Listing Type New
Stock Number 5T-TILT-1200-840972
RefCode TA1156479


4-6 Ton Excavator Tilt Bucket 1200 mm Volvo

New 1200mm wide Tilt Bucket to suit 4-6 ton machine Attachment Weight: 288Kg Attachment Capacity: 0.40m3 Roo Attachments Tilt Buckets are perfect for shaping, grading, and leveling work, allowing you to be more efficient when tackling the job and saving you from having to constantly reposition your excavator. Having the tilt function on a bucket also reduces the risk of toppling as operators no longer need to position the machine on a precarious angle to get the required angled finish. Our Tilt Buckets include several important design features, 1. We include twin cylinders in all sizes from 1.7T right up through the range 2. Our cylinders connect to the bottom of the tilt carriage at 5 and 7 o'clock positions which provides full 45-degree tilt in both directions and much stronger tilting torque when in the full tilt position on both sides (Many brands have both cylinders connect on a common pin at 6 o'clock) 3. We have a large spill guard on the front (3T and larger) to reduce the likelihood of dirt and rocks spilling over into the cylinder box area 4. The back vertical support on top of the headbox is cut short and includes extra drain holes to allow water and mud to get out of the cylinder box area 5. The hoses on the 13T and larger tilt bucket are plumbed so the hose loop is all kept within the cylinder box area. The hoses are run to a fixed point on the side of the carriage so then only short hoses are required from the base of the hitch up the dipper arm. This means there is minimal slack hose that can get in the way while using the bucket 6. All cylinder clevises and the main pivot pin are all greaseable 7. The tilting carriage includes replaceable bushes where it runs on the main pivot pin 8. We use BIS400 Bisalloy on the lip, sidebars, cheek wear plates, rear wear strips, BOE 9. The design of the carriage was made to keep the profile relatively low, hence providing higher breakout force than many other tilt buckets on the market All our attachments are made in our Australian-owned and run factory in China (Fishburn Heavy Fabrication). One of Roo Attachments Australian Company Directors lives in China and is therefore on-site in the factory 100% of the time managing the production process for all attachments. The factory is fully integrated, so we only need to buy steel plates from our supplier making it much easier to control the quality. We don't rely on a Chinese factory's to do any fabrication, sourcing, or quality control, we do that all in-house ourselves, and we place very high importance on buying the highest quality steel plates as this is a key element of what sets us apart from the competition.