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The Vermilion Cliffs National Monument in northern Arizona, US, the perfect place for ‘wave riding’.

Surf's up!

Fourteen years ago Bill Langer wrote a series of articles about famous rocks. This month he focuses on another famous rock, recently brought to mind by a daring surfing event … Read more »

President's Desk
Promoting the Institute to the rest of the world

In July I had the pleasure of attending the QuarryNZ Conference in Hamilton, New Zealand, to celebrate 50 years of the Institute of Quarrying New Zealand (IQNZ). Read more »

Editor's Desk
Gearing up, being equipped for a demanding decade

Welcome to Sydney for CMIC 18! Read more »
A geological map of Australia, at 1:1 million scale.

The many stories in a map - V2.0

Geological maps indicate by colour or symbols where strata are exposed at the surface, and its age and sediments. However, as Bill Langer explains, even with the assistance of modern technology, the task of identifying potential sources for crushed rock within the strata is a challenge … Read more »

President's Desk
Volunteers, contributors the lifeblood of the Institute

The IQA wouldn't be a relevant, relatable institution, without the incredible voluntary work of its members, says Clayton Hill. Read more »

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Navigating the four stages of crisis management

Why extractive producers should take notice of the lessons learnt in the recent rescue of a junior soccer team in Thailand, says Damian Christie. Read more »
The disused Bridge Street Quarry in Toowoomba was on the list of trade opportunities discussed on a week-long trade mission to New Zealand by a 70-strong Toowoomba Regional Council delegation.

Trade mission highlights gardens project

Converting a century-old disused quarry into a botanical gardens modelled on a New Zealand tourist attraction has figured prominently in an international trade mission. Read more »

President's Desk
Embracing social media and new communications platforms

As Millennials are increasingly becoming the largest generation by population percentage globally, the use of social media and other communications technologies to engage them has never been more important. Clayton Hill reflects on how the IQA has used these platforms to date and why IQA members, regardless of age, should be taking advantage of them. Read more »
A fragment of smectite.

Smectite clay - a dog's best friend!

As we all know, aggregate can be used in a multitude of daily applications – from paving roads to the production of personal hygiene and make-up products. It is also employed in some medications – and for one little dog, a little bit of clay can go along way, as Bill Langer explains … Read more »

Editor's Desk
Is recycling a solution to the infrastructure conundrum?

As construction activity ramps up across the nation, and demand for aggregates increases, Damian Christie calls out the mainstream media on the suggestion that there is a "shortage" of resources. He also advocates the use of recycled materials as a means of conserving reserves and allaying the fears of agitated communities in the face of increased demand ... Read more »
A UK resident is working ‘tooth and nail’ to uncover the location of a quarry where a prehistoric hippo tooth was discovered.

Further digging needed for fossil location

Mystery surrounds the original location of a prized fossilised hippo tooth that was purportedly discovered in a UK quarry in 1958. Read more »
The Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado, USA, flanked by the Sagre De Cristo Mountains.

Geology Talk
Blown away: Nature's frac sand processing system

In reviewing his enormous output over nearly two decades, Bill Langer provides an update on a story he previously submitted about proppant – or frac sand … Read more »


Tuesday, 25 September, 2018 11:26am
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