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In Burton-upon-Trent, UK, brewers use water from springs with rocks containing gypsum (pictured).

The geology of beer

We all know geology – and quarrying – contributes enormously to our infrastructure and our lifestyles. As Bill Langer explains, geology also plays a crucial role in the fermentation of one of life’s other great “necessities” … Read more »

President's Desk
Sharing best environmental practice within the industry

The extractive industry isn't credited enough for its work in the environment and sustainability space. Clayton Hill outlines the work the IQA does to showcase the industry's best environmental practices. Read more »

Editor's Desk
'Scratching the surface' of legacy sites

An ongoing construction project shows that quarries need not be just holes in the ground after their working lives cease. As Damian Christie explains, there are quite innovative and imaginative ways in which quarries can be repurposed - for the benefits of their neighbouring communities. Read more »
New IQA CEO Kylie Fahey (second from right) with President Clayton Hill (far right) at the presentation of members' certificates at the Women in Quarrying conference in Perth on 26 October.

New CEO spells out education vision

Kylie Fahey, the new IQA CEO, says she is focused on enhancing member engagement, and broadening access to education within the Institute and connectivity in the extractive industry. Read more »
The road cut alongside the exit ramp to Bill Langer’s neighbourhood has an interesting story to tell …

Rocks - the oldest storytellers

Every rock in the nearest pit, quarry or road cut has an interesting story to tell, according to Bill Langer. Some rocks near the highway exit to his neighbourhood have a particularly interesting yarn … Read more »

President's Desk
New talent to enhance quarrying institute

As the IQA prepares for a busy end to the year, Clayton Hill advises of changes at the helm designed to continue the Institute's commitment to quality education. Read more »

Editor's Desk
Why the extractive industry can lead in the energy policy vaccum

CMIC 18 was notable for industry members' expression of dissatisfaction with our national government and Canberra politics in general. Damian Christie argues that the time is right for the industry to show leadership on energy policy - in spite of the Federal Government. Read more »
Councillors recently discussed with the Queensland Government the findings of the feasibility study report on the disused Bridge Street Quarry in Toowoomba (pictured).

Cabinet, council mull over quarry project

A feasibility study to upgrade a century-old disused quarry was discussed by Queensland Government cabinet ministers when they visited Toowoomba in mid-September. Read more »
The Vermilion Cliffs National Monument in northern Arizona, US, the perfect place for ‘wave riding’.

Surf's up!

Fourteen years ago Bill Langer wrote a series of articles about famous rocks. This month he focuses on another famous rock, recently brought to mind by a daring surfing event … Read more »

President's Desk
Promoting the Institute to the rest of the world

The Institute of Quarrying worldwide has always been about growth. IQA President Clayton Hill discusses a new global fund initiative which will advance the value of education in the quarrying space in future years. Read more »

Editor's Desk
Gearing up, being equipped for a demanding decade

The Construction Materials Industry Conference (CMIC 18) this month will examine the challenges for the extractive industry in the decade ahead. Damian Christie says that industry delegates are in for a treat. Read more »
A geological map of Australia, at 1:1 million scale.

The many stories in a map - V2.0

Geological maps indicate by colour or symbols where strata are exposed at the surface, and its age and sediments. However, as Bill Langer explains, even with the assistance of modern technology, the task of identifying potential sources for crushed rock within the strata is a challenge … Read more »


Friday, 16 November, 2018 02:29pm
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