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Councillors recently discussed with the Queensland Government the findings of the feasibility study report on the disused Bridge Street Quarry in Toowoomba (pictured).

Cabinet, council mull over quarry project

A feasibility study to upgrade a century-old disused quarry was discussed by Queensland Government cabinet ministers when they visited Toowoomba in mid-September. Read more »
Two workers scale the cliffs of the quarry to remove any clutter that could harm quarry workers. Image courtesy: The New York Times.

History of marble brought to light

The demand for marble currently fuelled by the Middle East has brought the rich back story of the marble-producing quarries of Italy back into the spotlight. Read more »
The cup marks found at Kaizer Hill quarry appear to be evidence of early large-scale tool manufacture.

Ancient quarry captures civilisation’s cultural evolution

A primitive quarry that was recently uncovered is believed to be evidence of shifting attitudes at a time when civilisation was moving towards agricultural practices. Read more »
The Quarry Amphitheatre is now a popular outdoor venue for concerts and other stage productions.

Limestone quarry’s second life

A former quarry that is now used for performing arts and other local events once played a prominent role in the development of a major Australian city. Read more »
Researchers believe they now know how the bluestones at Stonehenge were quarried and transported.

Research chips away at Stonehenge mystery

Researchers claim to have discovered more about the ancient quarrying techniques behind the creation of Stonehenge while excavating two quarries they believe yielded the mysterious monument’s iconic stones. Read more »
CCSU Professor Kenneth Feder believes the ancient soapstone quarry captures the moment when industry shifted to ceramic technology. Source: The CCSU Courier.

Ancient quarry offers clues on cultural shift

An ancient quarry is believed to provide a snapshot of the moment when industry adopted new technology for cooking vessel manufacturing. Read more »
Obtaining a free face was accomplished through a method called “channelling”, whereby closely spaced holes were drilled along a straight line.

The ‘old timers’ of Barre

In the modern age, quarry operators and workers are spoiled for choice in terms of the plant and equipment they can use to extract aggregate. Spare a thought then for Barre’s “old timers”, who, Bill Langer says, had to painstakingly extract granite by hand, sometimes with a little help from nature … Read more »
Researchers have found carvings in the ancient Egyptian Gebel el Silsila sandstone quarry.

Dig site yields ancient quarry carvings

Relief carvings discovered at a quarry that is thousands of years old are believed to depict the way in which Egyptians transported their stone in ancient times. Read more »
A young Danny in field dress in (to quote Danny) “a not so regimental pose” at the Officer Cadet School in Portsea, Victoria.

Danny Duke: From serviceman to quarryman

Danny Duke is an ever popular member of the quarrying industry and has left an indelible mark on the IQA over many years. He spoke with Doug Prosser about how he found his way into the industry and how the military mindset is just as applicable to quarrying as it is to the Army. Read more »
Peter Mayo (right) receives the IQA Service Award from President Wayne Scott at CMIC12 in Melbourne on 22 September, 2012.

Soap Box
Peter Mayo: The travelling quarryman

It is not unusual for individuals associated with the quarrying industry to have to travel extensively during their career. Peter Mayo is no exception - his travels began at an early age and continued for almost a lifetime. Doug Prosser tells Peter’s story. Read more »

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Friday, 23 August, 2019 8:45am
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