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New IQA CEO Kylie Fahey (second from right) with President Clayton Hill (far right) at the presentation of members' certificates at the Women in Quarrying conference in Perth on 26 October.

New CEO spells out education vision

Kylie Fahey, the new IQA CEO, says she is focused on enhancing member engagement, and broadening access to education within the Institute and connectivity in the extractive industry. Read more »
Anita Waihi is an IQA Queensland branch committee member and the WIQ co-ordinator for south-east Queensland.

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Anita Waihi: Promoting opportunities for industry women

Anita Waihi is a Queensland and northern New South Wales account manager for Metso Australia, with more than 15 years’ industry experience in Australia. Anita discusses her career and her work as the south-east Queensland co-ordinator for the IQA’s Women in Quarrying network. Read more »
Since joining Orica in 2008, Karen (pictured at the recent IQA conference) has specialised in the quarrying industry. She works closely with producers to achieve quality blast outcomes.

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Karen Normanton: Marathon performer

With 10 years in the quarrying industry under her belt, Karen Normanton has already proven that she is running a marathon, not a sprint. She discusses why the industry is so rewarding for her and why the Women in Quarrying network is such a worthy initiative. Read more »
Sarah Bellman says she always had a passion for big machines and the great outdoors.

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Sarah Bellman: Striving for sustainable, exciting, innovative work environments

Sarah Bellman joined the extractive industry in 2007 as a graduate management trainee at Hanson Construction Materials. Now, as Hanson’s quarry operations manager for South Australia, Sarah shares her insights of the industry. Read more »

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Cathy Giblin: On the road less travelled

Cathy Giblin is co-ordinator of the IQA’s Women in Quarrying (WIQ) network in South Australia. She recalls life before quarrying, her enthusiasm for the environment, her diverse experiences in the industry and what the WIQ means for her. Read more »

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Joanne Payne: Still going strong

For Joanne Payne, 2017 marks 30 years of continued participation in the extractive and construction industries. She talks about the challenges of making her mark in the industry and of encouraging other women to be proactive through her support of the Women in Quarrying network. Read more »

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The 'devil' in the detail

Together with colleague Paul Soden, Steve Franklin will present on smart solutions for productivity gain. Ahead of his presentation, Steve provides valuable advice on how businesses can think more laterally about the way they interpret and respond to their data. Read more »

President's Desk
Encouraging more women in quarrying

Following the success of recent IQA Women in Quarrying meetings, John Mitas urges Institute members and the broader extractive industry to review their recruitment and development program strategies for quarry women. Read more »

Editor's Desk
Zero harm workplaces a worthy aspiration

A disciplined, safe workplace culture is fundamental to an organisation's success. Damian Christie explains why every quarry operation needs to be vigilant and how everyone - from the company director to the weighbridge operator - is integral to making the organisation a success. Read more »

President's Desk
The ongoing value of continuing professional development

According to John Mitas, well delivered and presented continuing professional development (CPD) programs have benefits for individuals, their organisations, their profession and the community. Read more »

Editor's Desk
Giving an ‘F’ about infrastructure

Infrastructure Australia's latest report on national infrastructure reform sets out a vision for the long term. While he considers this encouraging, Damian Christie queries, based on the current "report card", whether our different levels of government are up to that challenge ... Do we need to consider another approach? Read more »

President's Desk
Maintaining the social licence to operate

The social licence to operate is the general level of acceptance of quarrying operations and industry by local communities and other stakeholders. As John Mitas explains, it is as critical to a quarrying operation's existence as the usual standards and licence conditions. Read more »


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