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The guide provides practical safety advice for quarry workers and contractors.

Guide launched to improve quarry site safety

A state government has launched a new set of guidelines designed to improve safety on quarry sites. Read more »
Operators will know they can trust the in-cab monitor to be their eyes when on-site.

Drilling accuracy solutions promise overhaul in quarrying

New drilling accuracy solutions are promising to permanently revamp the quarrying site workflow. According to Erica Parkinson, these systems will see quarry producers boost operational accuracy, reduce running costs and improve profitability. Read more »
Enmin’s truck vibrator helps prevent truck tipping and improves the efficiency of load discharge.

Truck-tipping prevention

Enmin’s truck vibrator offers a simple, inexpensive solution to prevent dangerous truck tipping accidents. Read more »
MinEx is encouraging operators of small, unregistered quarries to identify themselves for safety education.

Safety council on hunt for small, unregistered quarries

The New Zealand extractive industry is undergoing a wave of health and safety reform after four workplace fatalities, three of which occurred in quarries. Read more »

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Wednesday, 17 July, 2019 10:52pm
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