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The research is expected to prevent major accidents such as the 2012 embankment collapse that caused the Morwell River to flood the Yallourn mine. Image courtesy: <em>ABC Gippsland</em>.

Researchers study open-cut mine stability

A new research project on batter stability has been launched as part of efforts to improve open-cut mine safety. Read more »
The seminar is in its third year and will cover key health and safety issues.

Quarry seminar to address key health, safety issues

An upcoming seminar is taking a proactive approach to tackling some of the quarry industry’s major health and safety issues. Read more »
The investigation found that a geotechnical assessment had not been carried out prior to excavation work at the unstable quarry face. Image courtesy: Westpac Rescue Helicopter via

No charges to be laid after quarry death

A work safety authority has concluded an investigation into the death of a quarry owner whose business was found to be in breach of health and safety laws. Read more »
The NSW government's <em>Fatigue management evaluation manual</em>.

Coping with mental health issues in quarries

In 2015, suicides within the quarrying and mining industries convinced many industry people that more had to be done to address the specific mental health issues of workers. Kylie Newton discusses what quarry operators can do to support and assist workers in doubt. Read more »
Dry Creek Quarry was used to film the Helm’s Deep battle scene in <em>The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers</em>.

Disasters strike quarry fantasy locations

Two quarries that have gained screen-time through popular fantasy franchises have made media headlines in the same week for more distressing reasons. Read more »

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