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The roadworks were said to have shown signs of failure only two months after sealing.

Council yields to quarry in road repair stoush

A local council has yielded to a quarry business in a fight relating to unsatisfactory roadworks undertaken as part of the quarry’s expansion. Read more »
The seminar is in its third year and will cover key health and safety issues.

Quarry seminar to address key health, safety issues

An upcoming seminar is taking a proactive approach to tackling some of the quarry industry’s major health and safety issues. Read more »
The investigation found that a geotechnical assessment had not been carried out prior to excavation work at the unstable quarry face. Image courtesy: Westpac Rescue Helicopter via

No charges to be laid after quarry death

A work safety authority has concluded an investigation into the death of a quarry owner whose business was found to be in breach of health and safety laws. Read more »
Victoria’s quarry regulator is in the process of improving its performance to rebuild the industry and community’s confidence and trust.

Sweeping changes to resources advisory group

A state quarry and mining regulator has broadened its advisory council as part of a raft of reforms aimed at improving industry and community confidence. Read more »
Tylden Quarry has been approved to expand but under a revised set of conditions.

Quarry to more than triple in size

A quarry has been given the green light to more than triple the size of its operation, albeit with certain modifications to its original expansion plans. Read more »

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