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WorkSafe Victoria believes returning to work earlier can assist recovery

WorkSafe toolkit encourages injured workers’ return

Approximately 28,000 workers are injured in the state of Victoria alone each year, but, thanks to a new initiative from WorkSafe Victoria, some of those employees are being assisted in returning to work. Read more »

Innovation strong despite downturn

Australia’s system of innovation and entrepreneurship is in good shape despite many challenges brought to bear on it by the global financial crisis, a Government study has found. Read more »
The Australian Business Foundation report The BERD in the hand: Supporting business investment in research and development.

Independent report endorses R&D Tax Credit scheme

An independent economic analysis of the Federal Government’s new Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit by the Australian Business Foundation has found that the scheme will help small and medium sized firms grow and transform their business, resulting in new jobs, new investment and improved productivity. Read more »