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President's Desk
Celebrating the wins and successes of 2018

As we wind up for another year, Clayton Hill urges IQA members to take a step back and appreciate and celebrate what they have achieved over the past 12 months. Read more »

President's Desk
Sharing best environmental practice within the industry

The extractive industry isn't credited enough for its work in the environment and sustainability space. Clayton Hill outlines the work the IQA does to showcase the industry's best environmental practices. Read more »

President's Desk
New talent to enhance quarrying institute

As the IQA prepares for a busy end to the year, Clayton Hill advises of changes at the helm designed to continue the Institute's commitment to quality education. Read more »

President's Desk
Promoting the Institute to the rest of the world

The Institute of Quarrying worldwide has always been about growth. IQA President Clayton Hill discusses a new global fund initiative which will advance the value of education in the quarrying space in future years. Read more »

President's Desk
Volunteers, contributors the lifeblood of the Institute

The IQA wouldn't be a relevant, relatable institution, without the incredible voluntary work of its members, says Clayton Hill. Read more »

President's Desk
Embracing social media and new communications platforms

As Millennials are increasingly becoming the largest generation by population percentage globally, the use of social media and other communications technologies to engage them has never been more important. Clayton Hill reflects on how the IQA has used these platforms to date and why IQA members, regardless of age, should be taking advantage of them. Read more »

Connecting further learning with industry members, personnel

Clayton Hill explains why in tight economic times, education and training of your personnel should not be sacrificed in the pursuit of savings. Read more »

President's Desk
Promoting the journey from "silent" to active achievers

Clayton Hill shares that the Quarrying industry offers a large variety of roles across operational, technical and management spheres. Read more »

President's Desk
Thinking about tomorrow - today

In an era of constantly changing technologies and increased competition for skilled workers, Clayton Hill explains why the extractive industry must concentrate today on developing dynamic roles and opportunities for school leavers, trainees and graduates. Read more »

President's Desk
Innovative initiatives for growing the membership

Clayton Hill discusses some of the initiatives being proposed to meet the IQA's ambitious 2019 membership target and shares good news about the Australian Academy of Quarrying. Read more »

President's Desk
New year's resolutions and the value of membership

Clayton Hill shares his new year's resolution and explains the value of membership in hopes of encouraging others to join and realise the advantages of being a member of the IQA. Read more »

President's Desk
Growing, enhancing the Institute and its people

Clayton Hill wholeheartedly embraces this opportunity and expresses how he feels to be the new president of IQA. Read more »


Thursday, 24 January, 2019 09:36am
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