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The Aggresand modular aggregate and sand washing plant offers plenty of options for operators.

New Products
Modular wash plants

The Terex Washing Systems Aggresand modular aggregate and sand washing plant is now in the stewardship of a new eastern Australian dealer. Read more »
Commonly referred to as “drones”, UAVs are increasingly being phased out in favour of RPAS.

Case Studies
Reliable, Precise Aerial Surveys

There are many remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS) options – from built in the backyard shed to futuristic space-craft titanium models, an array of cameras for high resolution photos to near-infrared and LIDAR, plus an ever-growing number of software solutions for processing, analysing and presenting the data.
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Landair Surveys’ new Leica RCD30 camera system has been mounted on the company’s twin-engine, fixed-wing aircraft.

Other Products
How Image Capturing Is Rewriting The Rules Of Surveying

The march of technological change continues in all industries, including the surveying industry. Erik Birzulis explains how a new generation of aerial surveying solutions, including a new aerial camera platform, will benefit the quarrying industry. Read more »
The Stockpile Reports Lite iPhone app enables professionals to measure stockpiles by simply pointing an iPhone at the material and walking around it.

Measuring Stockpiles By Smart Phone

Measuring stockpiles traditionally takes time, money and effort. Accurate measurement reports are crucial to finance and accounting.
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Leverlink’s motor base series HA-X are designed for large crusher drives.

New Products
Motorbase uses ‘stored energy’ tech

Leverlink’s HA-X motor base series is designed to incorporate items such as large crusher drives and electromagnetic clutches. Read more »
Aussie Pumps’ operations manager Hamish Lorenz showcases the Bertolini hydraulic drive pumps

Other Products
Heavy-duty high pressure cleaners go hydraulic

A new range of heavy-duty hydraulic drive high pressure cleaners with pressures up to 500 bar (7300 psi) have played a recent role in the drilling industry. Read more »
The Active Weighing Solutions belt weigher requires no additional headroom and fits into new and existing conveyors.

Precise, reliable weighing

Available in single- and multi-idler configurations, Active Weighing Solutions’ belt weigher delivers accurate, instantaneous flow rates. Read more »
Ausrocks provides high quality Australian-made gabion solutions for the quarrying industry.

Gabions offer strength, ease of use

Ausrocks’ gabion cages come with various stone types and are designed for boundary fences, retaining walls and erosion protection. Read more »
The Alligator staple splice is easy to use and offers strong, long lasting splices.

Strong, long lasting staple splice kit

With pre-inserted staples and a one-piece strip design, Flexco’s Alligator quick fix splice kit allows belt splicing to be speedy and efficient. Read more »
Flexco’s urethane skirting uses soft durometer urethane, providing tear resistance, a good seal and long belt life.

Skirting with more wear-resistance

Made from a more wear-resistant material than typical rubber, Flexco’s urethrane skirting is designed with increased productivity in mind. Read more »
Cyber liability is extremely important for providing business interruption cover when businesses are attacked by ransomware. Without it, how long would it take your business to run again at 100 per cent efficiency?

Other Products
The risks hidden in plain sight

In society today, the need to use insurance is increasing, and the risks involved in quarrying exceed what’s happening in the foreground. Dale Mackney discusses the insurance policies of which we are less aware, but that are vital to the smooth running of any operation. Read more »
The new slimline single-phase dewatering pump from Tsurumi.

Maintenance Products
Submersible for heavy construction

Australian Pump has released a new heavy-duty, single-phase, high head submersible pump. Read more »


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