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Load & Haul
A holistic view of network connected quarry improvements

Under pressure to juggle productivity and improvements with cost-effectiveness and profitability, quarrying operators and managers are increasingly reliant on digital data capture and analytics tools via network-connected devices and web-based reporting to smoothly run their operations. Read more »
China’s Great Wall still stands intact today, thanks to a mortar mixture of sticky rice flour and slaked lime.

An ode to the ordinary

To achieve something today, it’s believed you have to think big and out of the ordinary. However, as Cecilia van der Merwe argues, innovations and solutions can be found in the tiniest and most mundane objects – and no thing can ever be considered “small” if it contributes to a greater whole. Read more »
While he spent a lot of time wearing black, Peter’s fashion sense could also be quite colourful!

Peter Barro: An enduring legacy

In late 2018 the extractive industry lost one of its stalwarts and advocates at a relatively young age. John Mitas reflects on the life, work and passion of Peter Barro. Read more »

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showing 1 - 3 of 3 results   

Saturday, 23 March, 2019 6:13pm
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