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The merits of rubber torsion spring motor bases in screens

The rubber torsion spring motor base has a lengthy history. Richard Sharp explains how it came to be devised and why it is such a critical part of extractive and broader industrial processes. Read more »
Two versions of the KAMMP device (pictured) have been installed on conveyors 1 and 7 of Kulnura Quarry’s crushing, screening and conveying circuit.

As simple as KAMMP

A quarrying operation devises a novel solution for detecting and removing tramp metal. Read more »
Support springs allow free movement of the vibrating machine and isolate most of the unit’s vibration from the surrounding structure.

Maintaining support springs in vibratory equipment

Vibrating screens and feeders are only as effective as the small parts and components that underpin them. Darren Toth explains why good support springs – and ongoing spring maintenance – are integral to the performance of vibratory equipment. Read more »

Measuring the value of liner profile gauges

Replacing the inner liners of a crushing plant has traditionally been an arduous yet precise process. As Lew Dilkes explains, electronically profile-cut liner wear profile gauges are now being employed to ensure the crushing profile is correct for the specific application. Read more »

Load & Haul
Supplier revamps heavy machinery website to aid with productivity

Komatsu Australia is redeveloping its website to provide producers with enhanced information and services. Read more »
Components equipped with sensors are central to the drive systems used in machines and equipment.

Condition monitoring: From Industry 4.0 to the 'dark factory'

While condition monitoring systems are continuing to prove their value in industrial applications, Ian Pledger explains that many companies are still unsure how CM should fit into their Industry 4.0 strategy and the automated ‘lights out’ factory. Read more »
A sand operation ought to run like clockwork – if operators have correctly developed a process to track the program’s effectiveness.

Six steps to a rock solid maintenance program

The efficient running of a quarry operation is dependent on the upkeep and maintenance of both fixed and mobile plant and equipment. In turn, maintenance also requires a commitment on the part of the operator to address long-term solutions, not just immediate problems. Read more »

Manufacturer expands its multi-action cone crusher range

The latest addition to a multi-action cone crusher ‘family’ promises to reduce ownership costs  and ‘supercharge’ productivity. Read more »

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Wednesday, 22 May, 2019 4:59am
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