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The K-Maintenance idler tag improves efficiency when inspecting long conveyors.

Maintenance tag for long conveyors

Kinder Australia’s K-Maintenance idler tag is an efficient method of managing ongoing idler maintenance. Read more »
Left to their own devices, McCarthy and Pettersson would get lost in deep conversations about hydrocarbons, polyalphaolefins and kinematic viscosity.

Oiling the wheels of success

An articulated hauler would not be very successful without any gears. A wheel loader would not be a very good earthmoving machine without wheels. An excavator would be worthless without hydraulic valves. Read more »
T-Link combines Terex Finlay machines’ in-built CANbus control system and on-board sensors and electronics with satellite positioning and telematics software.

Mobile plant supplier introduces telematics system

Terex Finlay has introduced a new remote monitoring and fleet management telematics system to its range of mobile crushers. All Terex Finlay crushers manufactured and shipped from 1 January, 2016, have been equipped and fitted as standard with the T-Link system, complete with a three-data subscription. Read more »
Crusher Parts International’s inventory includes wear liners, bushes, head and shaft assemblies, sockets (pictured), step plates, dust seals, head nuts, filters and wear rings.

Are there quality alternatives to OEM parts?

High quality replacement spare parts and wearparts for machinery in the mining industry are paramount to keeping a company’s productivity consistent, downtime to a minimum and maintenance intervals as short as possible. Read more »
Mainmark employs polymeric and cementitious injection products for ground stabilisation and void filling.

Is uneven ground causing machinery to malfunction?

Ground subsidence below concrete slabs and driveways may be causing machinery to malfunction on quarry sites, according to a ground engineering specialist. Read more »
The new Orange series rotor can be retrofitted to existing Barmac VSIs.

Orange rotor offers improved crusher uptime, safety

Operational uptime plays a key role in today’s crushing operations, where maximising productivity and the reduction of production costs are paramount. To meet these challenges, Metso has developed the new Orange series rotor for its Barmac vertical shaft impactor (VSI) crushers. These rotors can increase machine uptime through improved wearpart life and rapid maintenance operations. Read more »
RubberLoc’s rapid cure time means normal conveyor belt use can resume in as little as an hour.

Fast, cost-effective conveyor repairs

The RubberLoc permanent repair system is a cost-effective way to increase conveyor belt service life. Read more »
T-Link enables operators to remotely monitor and manage their Terex Finlay machinery fleets.

Remote machine fleet monitoring, management

The Terex Finlay T-Link telematics system helps fleet operators stay connected and keep track of their equipment. Read more »
More than $20 million of spare parts inventory is held specifically for the needs of Australian customers.

Reducing the long lead time of drive components

Today’s quarrying companies must do all they can to limit equipment breakdowns and unplanned downtime. Reducing the lengthy lead times traditionally associated with orders, maintenance and troubleshooting capital items should be high on the agenda. Read more »
Conveyor belt covers (pictured) are now manufactured to withstand the Australian climate extremes of heat, wind, humidity, rainfall and wind gusts.

The hidden costs of conveyor belt neglect

Conveyor belts are tricky beasts. On one hand, they are vital to transporting aggregate through your crushing and screening circuit. On the other, they are prone to wear and tear. The following tips will enable quarry operators to plan for contingencies and keep the belt running smoothly. Read more »
Most rollers are selected on the back of theoretical bearing life calculations based on load and speed.

Technical solutions for conveyor roller performance

When an operation is working at full speed to move product or fulfil orders, the last thing it needs to worry about is the performance and reliability of the conveyor belt rollers. Belt rollers greatly impact the productivity of the system, and that means they should be carefully selected and matched to each application for maximum longevity and performance. Read more »
Gordyn & Palmer won a NECA Excellence Award for the plant it designed and installed at Barro Group’s Mountain View Quarries site.

Award win for innovative quarry plant design

The combined expertise of two industrial automation solutions providers has resulted in the development of an award-winning quarry processing plant. Read more »
Monier’s new high tech plant at the company’s Nebiri quarry.

Modern crushing, screening technology showcased at PNG quarry

A joint Franco-Australian-Papuan project to rapidly erect a new, contemporary processing plant for a Papua New Guinea quarry operation is the first shot in the Pacific nation’s quest to modernise its infrastructure. Read more »
The USC research project may help prevent road surface breakage.

New material could improve road integrity

University students are working with industry and local government to develop a new material that could improve road integrity. Read more »

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