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Load & Haul
Low emission engine trucks designed for maximum productivity

Komatsu’s 63-tonne capacity HD605-8 rigid dump truck offers low emission Tier 4 engines which reduce fuel usage by up to seven per cent on previous models. Read more »
Telescoping radial stacking conveyors are known to be the most effective solution for stockpiling segregation.

Case Studies
Contending with stockpile segregation, product quality

While stockpiles are favoured as a way of ensuring product availability, poor stockpiling techniques can separate materials by particle size, resulting in variable end product quality. Part of the solution is to undertake windrow stockpiling with an automated telescoping conveyor. Read more »
The Rammer E-line is fi tted with RD3 monitoring, making it easier for producers to monitor breaker performance.

Certified breaker, attachment range boosted by partnership

The iconic Rammer hydraulic rock breaker product range is now in the hands of a new but experienced distributor. Read more »
The new 988K XE is Caterpillar’s first wheel loader with a high efficiency electric drive system.

Load & Haul
Electric drive loader culmination of five decades of development

An electric drive version of the trusted and proven Caterpillar 988K wheel loader is now available in the Australian quarrying market. Read more »
Komatsu’s Smart Solutions team in Australia operates out of the Rutherford Centre in the NSW Hunter Valley.

A 'game-changing' approach to machine data analytics

Consumers of specific earthmoving products are expected to benefit significantly from a new method of integrated machine data collection across multiple job sites. Read more »
The new PC220-8 in the Newcomb Sand and Soil Supplies yard, with operations manager Chris Dunoon (left), Simon Bird (middle) and general manager David Dunoon (right).

Geelong family company consolidates its partnerships

A 'one-stop-shop', Geelong-based family company has taken delivery of the latest inventory for its earthmoving fleet. Read more »
Sean Taylor says developing an operational interface to machines – whether through a cab operator or remotely – is the key to making machines “sing”.

Sean Taylor: A firm voice for inclusion and diversity

Ahead of his address at the IQA’s annual conference, Komatsu CEO and managing director Sean Taylor speaks about the significance of promoting and fostering diversity and higher gender representation in the extractive industry – and how technology advances can reduce the barriers. Read more »

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Wednesday, 16 October, 2019 1:38pm
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