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The new 417 and the 411 series wheel loaders offer JCB’s Livelink to make it easier to manage maintenance and improve security.

Load & Haul
JCB wheel loaders go remote

Two new wheel loaders from JCB incorporate remote monitoring and better fuel economy. Read more »
Komatsu maintained its number two ranking in the Yellow Table but its global construction equipment sales in 2013 were down on 2012.

Gloomy year for Yellow Table recipients

Revenues for the world’s 50 largest construction equipment manufacturers fell by 10 per cent last year, according to the Yellow Table for 2013.  Read more »
Quick hitch couplers are fitted on many machines to make it easier to switch attachments.

No hitches for quick hitch couplers

Quick hitch couplers make it easier and safer to switch attachments. Read more »
The Duckboard system is designed to protect the lip of a dump truck tray, which can wear away from continuous loading and unloading.

Load & Haul
Dump truck tray protector

Keech’s Armourtech patented duckboard system protects the lip of a dump truck tray, increasing integrity and extending service life. Read more »
Tyre awareness training should be a key part of operator site induction programs.

Load & Haul
Continuous improvement in tyre maintenance

Quarry managers have more tyre manufacturers to choose from than ever before. They can stick to known brands to meet their tyre needs or partner with an independent fleet management expert to improve their tyre management and maintenance. Robert Caprile discusses the benefits of a wider fleet management programme. Read more »

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showing 1 - 5 of 5 results   

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