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Figure 1. As the centre of the blade wears unevenly, the outer edges create a “smiley face” or “mooning”.

Optimising belt cleaner tension for maximum performance

While conveyor belt cleaning may seem a tedious, mundane exercise for quarry personnel, if it is done correctly and with the right technologies at their disposal, it can have dividends for an operation’s productivity and cost of ownership. Read more »
Telescoping radial stacking conveyors are known to be the most effective solution for stockpiling segregation.

Case Studies
Contending with stockpile segregation, product quality

While stockpiles are favoured as a way of ensuring product availability, poor stockpiling techniques can separate materials by particle size, resulting in variable end product quality. Part of the solution is to undertake windrow stockpiling with an automated telescoping conveyor. Read more »

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Saturday, 21 September, 2019 11:03am
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