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Editor's Desk
Celebrating 30 years of Quarry

After 30 years of continuous publishing, Quarry is recognised as one of the world’s leading industry magazines – not a bad effort at all, given it sprang from a simple newsletter for the IQA’s Victorian branch members. Read more »
In quarries today, blasting is a bulk explosive business that’s allowed the industry to do bigger shots, with superior control due to electronic initiation systems.

Editor's Desk
What has changed during 30 years of quarry?

In a rapidly changing world, celebrating any 30-year milestone is significant, let alone marking three decades continuous publication of an industry magazine. Damian Christie spoke to four stalwarts about how the industry has changed since the first days of the magazine. Read more »
Mike Cooper peruses the August 2014 issue of Quarry which focuses on plant design.

Editor's Desk
Quarry as a communication tool

From a very humble beginning in 1984, Quarry has journeyed with quarrymen and now increasingly quarrywomen and, like the industry itself, changed along the way. Read more »

Milestones for Brisbane and the industry

As Brisbane hosts the Construction Materials Industry Conference this month, Damian Christie discusses the city's rich quarrying history, reflected in its architecture and character and Queensland's challenges of meeting aggregate supply and demand for the future. Read more »

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