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For extractive operators, initial cost pressures can make non-OEM spare parts for slurry pumps more attractive than genuine parts.

The risks of using replicator spare parts on slurry pumps

Replicating spare parts for slurry pumps is a serious issue in the extractive materials industry, for both solutions providers and the operators who utilise them. Read more »
The Chaco Canyon national monument once contained massive multi-storey Pueblos utilising stone and timber – but was abandoned after 300 years.

Are you sustainably managing your resources?

Resource sustainability has been a continuous issue for mankind throughout time – and is just as relevant today. David Cilento explains why resource sustainability continues to be anongoing concern and why quarry operators must also take a lead in the public debate and conserve their own resources. Read more »

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Sunday, 21 July, 2019 12:39pm
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