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The SkillsDMC conference dinner will feature satirist Bryan Dawe as its after dinner speaker.

Conference to promote future workforce needs

The annual national conference of the national industry skills council for the resources and infrastructure industry - SkillsDMC - will be held at the Westin Sydney on 8 August. Read more »
Stonemasons were asked to fashion six metre tall columns.

Miracle in stone

An Israeli archaeologist says he has found the site of a sixth century miracle documented by the Byzantine historian Procopius of Caesarea. Read more »
Changes to safety regulations mean you need to understand the new code.

Workshop on changes to working at heights

Major changes to be made to safety codes of practice for working at heights will be explained at a free workshop in August.
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Bowen Axe Quarry is full of ancient Aboriginal tools.

Quarry returned to traditional owners

The site of an ancient Aboriginal quarry, brimming with stone age artifacts, in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, has been returned to the local Aboriginal people by the state government.
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Hanson's Wolffdene quarry is reaching out to local students with a safety initiative.

Quarry collaborates on road safety program

Exposure to the quarry industry is a first step to ensuring that tomorrow’s young adults recognise the value of quarries as well as promoting road safety. Read more »
Women are more likely to seek help for common mental health issues.

Mental health study a mine of information

A recent study has shown that around 10,000 workers in the minerals industry experience common mental health issues that include anxiety, depression or substance abuse but only about 35 per cent of them actually seek medical advice. Read more »
We should not assume that all women do not take risks in the workplace and can sort out issues related to gendered behaviours.

Gendered behaviours and safety – the story so far

Dr Dean Laplonge has previously reported on the potential impact of hyper-masculinity on safety conduct on mine sites. What has happened since then? How far has this debate moved along? Dean updates his thoughts on gendered behaviours and safety in the mining industry. Read more »

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Monday, 17 June, 2019 5:06pm
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