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The Chaco Canyon national monument once contained massive multi-storey Pueblos utilising stone and timber – but was abandoned after 300 years.

Are you sustainably managing your resources?

Resource sustainability has been a continuous issue for mankind throughout time – and is just as relevant today. David Cilento explains why resource sustainability continues to be anongoing concern and why quarry operators must also take a lead in the public debate and conserve their own resources. Read more »
An example of leaders' orientation to time.

Smart Quarrying: Living outside of time

In the final of a quarterly series of articles about the IQA’s Smart Quarrying program, Paul Sutton discusses the importance of mental time travel as a tool in the here and now to create and generate new ideas and innovations of the future. Read more »
More than 700 industry professionals attended CMIC16 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Melbourne the focal point for innovation

CMIC16 – the sixth joint CCAA/IQA conference – could not have been more relevant at a time of political upheaval globally. As Damian Christie reports, while many of the innovations forecast could transform the construction materials industry, they also posed questions about their impact on the present and future extractive workforce. Read more »

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