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Cliff took a tumble into a Scottish quarry.

Dog Chases Cat Over Cliff Into Quarry

A Scottish cat was recently chased off a cliff into a Fife quarry by a Lurcher hound - doing what dogs do best. Read more »
Supporters of a new gravel quarry in Queensland claim to have received serious threats on their lives

Facebook fight over Queensland quarry gets ugly

A fight over a proposed quarry in Queensland has turned ugly, with supporters and opponents claiming death threats and abuse in a very public stoush over Facebook. Read more »
Haul truck driver, Shareef Allman, went on the run for 22 hours after shooting nine of his colleagues

Details arise over quarry killings

Further grisly details have arisen about the massacre in a Cupertino quarry last week, which left three dead and seven seriously injured. Read more »
The swollen Burnett River at Gayndah, 350km north of Brisbane, during the Queensland floods.

Force majeure: A practical approach

Extreme weather and recent natural disasters have derailed some of our most important primary industries. Bill Morrissey and Julia Lawrence explain how a force majeure clause in contracts can protect quarrying operations whose obligations are impacted by the elements. Read more »
Indigenous people used rock as basic materials for knives, axes, spear points and scrapers.

Honouring Australia’s first quarrymen

It's often forgotten that quarrying in Australia long pre-dates European settlement. Indeed, the Indigenous people of this country can stake their claim to being the first quarrymen. Doug Prosser explains. Read more »
John "Bronco" Johnson is a 50-year veteran of the quarrying industry.

Bronco Johnson: Still sparring for the industry

This is a record of a man who started as an apprentice, progressed to operations manager of a major quarrying company and even a co-owner of concrete and quarry companies. John “Bronco” Johnson has seen it all and is now concerned for quarrying’s prospects. Read more »
Former quarryman Rainer Breit with partner Wendy Oliver at Curlewis Winery, 15km east of Geelong.

From hard rock to wine

As IQA members savour the taste and aroma of the many wines on offer in the Hunter Valley in October, former quarry operator and now winemaker Rainer Breit reflects on his career and why he has successfully crossed from quarries to vineyards. Read more »
The approved and modelled final landscape for Kukusan Quarry once HBSM's 15 year contract is complete.

Case Studies
Quarrying and CSR: The South East Asian experience

An expatriate Australian quarry manager relates how his involvement in a Malaysian quarry operation became an important journey towards establishing a rapport with the neighbouring community. Read more »
Local's protests saw officials halt a sand renourishment program at Half Moon Bay in Victoria

Locals protest beach sand delivery

Efforts to “protect” a Port Philip Bay beach have been met with furious opposition from locals after the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) dumped 13,500 tonnes of quarried sand onto Half Moon Bay. Read more »
Quarry worker Shareef Allman killed three of his co-workers and injured six more in a shooting rampage in Cupertino.

Quarry employees kills three in rampage

A disgruntled employee at a North California quarry opened fire on his workmates at a meeting earlier this month, killing three and injuring six, sparking a large-scale manhunt before being shot and killed by sheriff’s deputies on a routine patrol. Read more »
A Nucrush quarry on the Gold Coast will be holding an open day for the public

Nucrush quarry opens gates to public

A quarry and concrete company on Queensland’s Gold Coast is opening its gates to the community, with Nucrush Group holding its annual open day. Read more »
The artwork sees the largest single stone moved since ancient times.

LA artist moves largest stone since ancient times

A Los Angeles artist is in the process of moving a 6.5m high, 308,442 kg stone 100km from its quarry of origin to its new home in a gallery, a process that will take ten days on a specially-designed road train truck. Read more »

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