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By taking several scans from around a site or building, to prevent “shadowing”, a complete 3D model can be made with accuracy down to millimetres.

A touch of Hollywood to site surveying

Landair Surveys has adopted the use of 3D laser scanning for quarrying, plant and architectural work. Erik Birzulis puts modern surveying into perspective and highlights the uses of 3D laser surveying for projects in which complexity, size or need for extremely high accuracy are important factors. Read more »
Since its introduction, Product Link has continued to evolve, including the launch of the VisionLink web interface in recent years.

Telematics system links aggregate fleet

Comprehensive fleet management information is available to every equipment owner with telematics systems such as Product Link. Read more »
Non-destructive concrete scanning technology now allows builders to drill in the correct position first time.

Scanning before damming

Specialised concrete scanners have made enlargement of the Australian Capital Territory’s (ACT) 100-year old Cotter Dam fast and accurate. Read more »
McQuaid rock breakers can help increase on-site safety.

Versatile rock breaker boom

McQuaid rock breaker boom systems increase productivity, reduce downtime and improve safety from crusher jaw blockages. Read more »


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