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Safety monitoring alerts quarry sites to slope instability or non-compliant berms.

Drill & Blast
How on-site innovations could attract the future workforce

The Australian construction sector appears set for a buoyant few years. Yet, according to a recent report, negative perceptions about the extractive industry could impede future growth and productivity. Carlos Gonzalez explains how industry innovation could overturn these perceptions. Read more »
Maxam MSU trucks deliver RIOFLEX to an extractive site.

Drill & Blast
Drilling aided by robust bulk watergel

RIOFLEX is a highly energetic, robust and flexible density bulk watergel. It is sensitised mechanically or by chemical gasification and delivered by Maxam MSU trucks. Read more »
The 3D drilling system employs Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology.

Drill & Blast
Precision drilling system

The Trimble DPS900 is an aftermarket 3D drilling system for accurate and efficient drill navigation. Read more »

Case Studies
The Digital Quarry: An integrated technical approach

Is a 20 per cent overall productivity improvement possible in a quarry, and if so how could it be brought about? Steve Franklin outlines how a Queensland quarry operation successfully implemented a series of technological advances that dramatically raised its productivity. Read more »

Drill & Blast
Measuring profilometry, deviation in blast design

Most benches are irregular due to the complex combination of the inherent structure of the rock mass, its geomechanical condition and possibly damage caused in the free face by the previous blast. Read more »
The Ranger DX900i drill rig is equipped with a revolving upper structure that offers a 270-degree drilling reach and 55m2 coverage.

Sandvik launches all-reaching, ‘intelligent’ drill rig in Melbourne

Rock technology supplier Sandvik has presided over the Australian launch of its latest Ranger DXi surface drill rig at an exclusive event in Melbourne’s south-east. Read more »

Three reasons for oversized rocks in the primary crusher feed

Oversized aggregate in the primary feed crusher can be incredibly disruptive at the start of any crushing circuit. Adrian Imre discusses the three critical factors that can prevent blockage in the primary feed. Read more »

Drill & Blast
Emulsion explosive offers more strength, fragmentation

Bulk explosives have long been a feature of the quarrying industry, evolving from the basic ammonium nitrate/fuel oil (ANFO) form to emulsion-based products. David Miller outlines how a primary emulsion-based explosive can reduce a quarry’s total cost of ownership. Read more »
The Department of Defence has recently announced it will research the 3D printing of explosive materials.

New research to focus on 3D printing of explosives

A new partnership between a science and technology body and academic agencies will explore the 3D printing of explosive materials. Read more »
A bird’s eye view of Boral Dunmore Quarry.

Case Studies
The new technology suite that saves time in a booming market

For large quarrying operations, consistent quality blast outcomes save time and money. James Dampney outlines how blasting solutions provider Orica has helped Boral Dunmore achieve blasting improvements through integration of its Blast IQ suite of technologies. Read more »
The T45’s automatic feed alignment enables the operator to maintain the desired angle when drilling.

Drill & Blast
Smart rig offers fuel, production savings

Economical and armed with machine intelligence, the SmartROC T45 is one of the most advanced in Epiroc’s inventory of drill rigs. Read more »
Orica’s senior blast technician Jonathon Keller illustrates Blast IQ on a tablet to Boral Dunmore’s production manager Brodie Bolton (foreground).

Drill & Blast
Automated technologies for quality blast outcomes

Orica’s Blast IQ system utilises efficient automated technologies to provide better visibility and manage blast quality control. Read more »


Monday, 21 January, 2019 11:13am
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