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Biodiversity data will be gathered from the Yilgarn region for study.

Enviro assessments to benefit from biodiversity partnership

A university and a mining company have partnered to develop an understanding of the relationship between biodiversity and the environment, which may improve the effectiveness of data gathered for project proposals. Read more »
Industry skills councils will no longer be the main developers of training packages following new VET reforms.

VET reforms signal end of industry skills councils

The Federal Government has announced a number of reforms to the Vocational Education and Training model, including the removal of industry skills councils as the principal developers of its training packages. Read more »
Sustainability Victoria has called on councils to maximise the use of recycled aggregate in pavement construction.

State body makes case for recycled aggregate

Fears that virgin quarry resources may soon be exhausted has led a statutory body to appeal to local councils to use recycled material as a supplement in pavement construction. Read more »
A draft standard has now been created to help machinery operators manage mixed equipment fleets.

Draft industry standard for ‘mixed’ fleets to go global

A draft industry telematics standard that has been updated to help operators better manage their mixed equipment fleets will soon be submitted for consideration as a globally recognised standard. Read more »
Over 10,000 tree seedlings have been planted over 7ha of quarry land at Newcrete’s Foxtrap quarry. Photo © The Telegram, Newfoundland, Canada.

Reclaim, grass, plant – and repeat

A former sand and gravel quarry has been fast-tracked for rehabilitation, promising a swift return to the forest land that once occupied the site before extraction activities began. Read more »
Benedict Industries will convert a 22-hectare recycling facility in Moorebank into a high-tech marina.

Marine makeover for quarry site

The formal go-ahead has been granted to convert a quarry and its neighbouring industrial estate into a multi-million dollar, state of the art waterfront. Read more »
The JRPP’s approval means Dreamland Quarry’s expected working life should now exceed 25 years.

‘Dream’ outcome for granite quarry expansion

A joint regional planning panel has approved a quarry operation’s application to expand its extractive volume, products and boundaries, subject to conditions. Read more »
The Queensland Government’s reforms to appropriate quality systems, processes and controls will ensure the production of consistent and compliant quarry materials.

State announces revamp to quarry assessment, registration process

The Queensland quarry assessment and registration system is undergoing significant changes, including the introduction of more robust compliance testing frequency and more frequent quarry assessment reporting. Clayton Hill explains what some of these changes will mean for the local industry. Read more »

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