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The hippocampus, highlighted in blue, creates new cells throughout a person’s life. Illustration courtesy of Jay Leek, UC Davis.

Hey! Have you got rocks in your head?

Continuing his exploration of the periodic table, Bill Langer this month examines the mineral elements on which the brain relies for sustenance and growth … Read more »
Would it be much simpler if contracts were in picture form rather than the written word?

What do comic books and compliance have in common?

With the amount of ‘red tape’ involved in securing approvals for construction projects – and in turn ensuring that proponents are in compliance – John Callaghan asks if it would be simpler if all contracts were translated into pictures, not words. Read more »
Figure 1. The C-IQ dashboard shows the levels of trust that must be earned between parties if they are to successfully work as co-creators.

Unravelling the essentials of conversational intelligence

In this third feature on modern leadership – in which he has explored management and emotional intelligence – Mike Cameron explains why conversational intelligence is vital to the way you successfully run your operations and conduct business with internal and external stakeholders. Read more »
Lam Tei Quarry is the last active site in Hong Kong.

Study tour provides new insights into sustainability, repurposing

In 2017 Stephen Raines received the IQA’s Excellence in Innovation Award. This entitled him to further his professional development abroad. Raines recalls the highlights of his study tour earlier this year – from the last working site in Hong Kong to Shanghai’s ‘groundscraper’ hotel. Read more »
Figure 1. As the centre of the blade wears unevenly, the outer edges create a “smiley face” or “mooning”.

Optimising belt cleaner tension for maximum performance

While conveyor belt cleaning may seem a tedious, mundane exercise for quarry personnel, if it is done correctly and with the right technologies at their disposal, it can have dividends for an operation’s productivity and cost of ownership. Read more »

Load & Haul
Low emission engine trucks designed for maximum productivity

Komatsu’s 63-tonne capacity HD605-8 rigid dump truck offers low emission Tier 4 engines which reduce fuel usage by up to seven per cent on previous models. Read more »
A G110 Kubria cone crusher in a quarry near Rosetto, France.

Case Studies
Revamp for three-stage hard rock crushing plant

A proven performer in hard rock crushing recently underwent substantial technical updates and was standardised to uniform manufacturing standards. Peter Berlitz and Dr Armin Greune explain why the Kubria cone crusher is a competitive option for a quarrying operation. Read more »
Telescoping radial stacking conveyors are known to be the most effective solution for stockpiling segregation.

Case Studies
Contending with stockpile segregation, product quality

While stockpiles are favoured as a way of ensuring product availability, poor stockpiling techniques can separate materials by particle size, resulting in variable end product quality. Part of the solution is to undertake windrow stockpiling with an automated telescoping conveyor. Read more »
The Rammer E-line is fi tted with RD3 monitoring, making it easier for producers to monitor breaker performance.

Certified breaker, attachment range boosted by partnership

The iconic Rammer hydraulic rock breaker product range is now in the hands of a new but experienced distributor. Read more »
The new 988K XE is Caterpillar’s first wheel loader with a high efficiency electric drive system.

Load & Haul
Electric drive loader culmination of five decades of development

An electric drive version of the trusted and proven Caterpillar 988K wheel loader is now available in the Australian quarrying market. Read more »
Komatsu’s Smart Solutions team in Australia operates out of the Rutherford Centre in the NSW Hunter Valley.

A 'game-changing' approach to machine data analytics

Consumers of specific earthmoving products are expected to benefit significantly from a new method of integrated machine data collection across multiple job sites. Read more »
The new PC220-8 in the Newcomb Sand and Soil Supplies yard, with operations manager Chris Dunoon (left), Simon Bird (middle) and general manager David Dunoon (right).

Geelong family company consolidates its partnerships

A 'one-stop-shop', Geelong-based family company has taken delivery of the latest inventory for its earthmoving fleet. Read more »
The final vision for the Hornsby Quarry spoil management project (pictured), off Sydney's upper north shore. The quarry was operational for most of the 20th century.

New trends in managing mining liability

Some jurisdictions have introduced reforms to manage the liability of resource projects in the remediation phase – but there are concerns these reforms may unduly impact quarries with traditionally lower risk profiles than mines. Michael Cramer discusses his work in this field. Read more »
A Brim’s Bulk Transport truck at work. Any quarry that sub-contracts the transport of its aggregates can be liable within the supply chain.

Better understanding of the chain of responsibility

The National Heavy Vehicle Law administers uniform laws for heavy vehicles exceeding 4.5 gross vehicle mass across most states and territories. Simone Reinertsen explains what recent changes to the laws could potentially mean for the quarrying industry. Read more »
Tegra Australia’s Jugiong Quarry during the 2011 New South Wales floods. Until now, climate risk has been largely viewed as a physical phenomenon – but it could well pose financial problems as well.

Addressing climate change risk in a resource context

Until now, climate change impacts have been largely described in physical terms. However, as Elisa de Wit argues, there are financial dimensions to climate risk, and if not suffi ciently addressed by industry over time, it could cause as much damage to an extractive business as the climate. Read more »

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