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Figure 1. The RH400 is the largest hydraulic shovel world-wide.

Load & Haul
Professional selection and operation of hydraulic excavators

The choice of the right machine for a specific application will ensure that machine is utilised to its full potential. Read more »
After 12 months at Bass Point, the HD465 dump truck (above) has proven itself reliable, says Baird.

Load & Haul
Quarry enjoys “dream run” with wheel loaders

Bass Point quarry attribute its success to load and haul fleet. Read more »
The tripper system works in conjunction with the mechanical ship loader to load each hatch.

Load & Haul
Competitive logistics

To capitalise on the competitive advantage of aggregate transport via ship, barge or rail, on-site material handling systems need to be equally as efficient. Read more »
With an ejector truck, the load is dumped from the rear without raising the body, so the truck can work safely on inclines, side slopes and in very soft conditions.

Load & Haul
Artic ejector trucks for the tough going

Articulated ejector trucks offer versatility for one contractor. Read more »

Bulk handling: How local sourcing reduces downtime

Bulk handling materials technology needs to be sourced domestically to ensure minimal downtime. Read more »

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