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Whatever hose you order, it must be compatible with the medium it conveys.

Before you spec your hoses, “STAMP” them!

When you order hoses and fittings in the  future, remember the word “STAMP”: Size, Temperature, Application, Media, Pressure. Read more »
Tej Panesar, of Tepran, inspects the cutting edge on a loader at Selkirk’s Ballarat premises.

Getting a real value cutting edge

A new innovative cutting edge promises to reduce repetitive costs and waste and improve OHS concerns. Read more »
Enginaire pre-cleaner

Maintenance Products
Air Intake Pre-Cleaner

Constructed from heavy duty polished aluminium and stainless steel, the Enginaire pre-cleaner is designed for the transport industry, mining, construction and forestry vehicles and power equipment. Read more »
Minprovise’s customers are in agreement that operators learn quickly how to remotely control the Dugless 900 in the field.

A miniature solution to a large problem

Conveyor spillage is a time-consuming and laborious problem, but that the Dugless 900 mini-loader could make that a thing of the past. Read more »
The TorqLOC keyless hollow-shaft mounting system can reduce fretting corrosion to nearly zero.

Taking the fretting out of direct-mounted gearboxes

Although hollow shaft-mounted gear units can reduce transmission losses, they can lead to more incidence of fretting corrosion. Read more »
Michelin Retread

Maintenance Products
Michelin Retread

By utilising Michelin New Tyre  technologies, the new Michelin Retread delivers original tyre  performance benefits such as lowest cost of ownership, safety, quality, reliability, innovation,  fuel savings and environmental friendliness backed by Michelin Technical support. Read more »
Maptek mining technology

Environmental Products
Tablet Computer for Rock Structure Mapping

Mining technology provider Maptek has, in partnership with PCS Mobile and Xplore Technologies, developed a rugged tablet computer for use by training geology and mine engineering students. Read more »
Trailblazer portable conveyor

Plant & Equipment
Trailblazer Portable Groundline Conveyor

Fully belted with drive and gravity style take-up built into the trailer structure, the new Trailblazer Portable Groundline Conveyor folds in or out easily and quickly in an accordion-like fashion with a minimal crew required to position the supports. Read more »
TL250 Compact Loader

Plant & Equipment
TL250 Compact Loader

Semco has released a steel tracked version of the Takeuchi TL250 High Flow compact loader. Read more »
Ecopak Compressor

Plant & Equipment
Ecopak Compressor

EcoPak compressors combine the proven technologies of variable speed drive (VSD) with variable output control (VOC).  Read more »
5066 Tracker primary crusher

Plant & Equipment
5066 Tracker

Inertia Machine Corporation introduces the new 5066 Tracker primary HSI crusher, a mobile track-mounted model engineered  to deliver higher capacities (up to 700 tph) at lower costs per tonne, while also offering unique trailer-free transport. Read more »
Installing anti-condensation heaters prevents or removes moisture build-up that can occur  surprisingly often. The photo shows a low cost anti-condensation heater (the yellow tape).

Keeping electric motors reliable

Electric motors are a reliable power source, but regular inspection and minor maintenance will reduce breakdowns. Read more »


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