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The Western Interior Seaway was created when the Pacific and North American tectonic plates collided.

Rocky’s oceanfront property

The life of a 1.8 billion year old rock tells of changing territory and terrain, including 500 million years under water. Read more »
Professor Michael Quinlan

Unions urged to be more involved in safety

Greater union influence is essential to workplace safety, according to study. Read more »
Andrew Evans currently operates a 200-tonne per hour Coral Technology processing plant at Local Mix’s Moriac sand processing site.

Endorsement strong for Supervisor’s Certificate IV

The Certificate IV in Extractive Industries Operations is designed to educate and train supervisors about the logistics and challenges of managing a quarry site. Read more »
The Peninsula Eyre rocks are remnants of the Mesoarchean era, when the atmosphere was unbreathable and the Australian continent was mostly unformed.

Rocks in South Australia beyond ancient

South Australia’s geology has aged about half a billion years after the discovery of three billion year old rocks. Read more »

Industry urged to look to future

SkillsDMC says organisations need to develop the skills within their current workforce during the economic downturn. Read more »

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