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An easterly view of the bench faces of the old Fowler quarry. Located in the Melbourne suburb of Niddrie, in close proximity to the city, the site has been an important training spot for visiting geology students and army reservists in recent decades.

Environmental News
From quarry to model estate

The launch of a housing estate in Melbourne’s north-west closes a protracted saga over the former Niddrie Quarry. Read more »
The primary station at CP1, the original plant, near Desa Park City, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Crushing & Screening: A Veteran’s Perspective

There are many challenges to efficient crushing and screening, including following the "dos" and "don'ts". Read more »
Vibrating screens must be properly selected, designed and applied.

Mobile Plant
Breaking The Bottleneck

Efficient screening is the biggest link to high-capacity, multiple-product output. Read more »
The variable spring rate of Airmounts keeps an isolator’s natural frequency constant with pressure and load changes.

OH&S Products
Air springs isolate materials handling vibration

Anyone who has ever ridden in air-suspended luxury vehicles will have seat-of-the-pants knowledge of the quality of air isolation. Read more »

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