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In current law, an officer can be liable for breaches that are attributable to the officer not exercising reasonable care as it is relevant to safety.

States contemplate framework for national OHS scheme

The Council of Australian Governments has pledged a framework of uniform OHS laws across Australia that will reduce bureaucracy and boost efficiency. Read more »

OH&S Products
“Smart” instruction in an emergency

Keeping defibrillators on-site presents an increase in workplace safety, especially from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SAC). Read more »
A comfortable cab environment reduces operator fatigue, itself a cause of many accidents.

Site safety: Everyone’s concern

As technology advances and equipment becomes safer, why do accidents continue to happen? Read more »
At the St Ives Gold Mine in Kambalda, WA, workers can happily use the earmuffs to “have a normal  communication relationship with their workmates as people do in most noiseless industries”.

Making SENS of noise induced hearing loss

Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is one of the most common workplace illnesses in the Western world. But now there is a solution that doesn’t impede communications. Read more »
Wormald’s Foam Water Spray System targets high and medium risk areas, including engine and transmission components and hydraulic areas.

OH&S Products
Fire protection standard for mobile and portable equipment

A recent Australian Standard covers the fire protection of heavy vehicles used in industries such as quarrying and mining. Read more »

Effective Management of exertional heat illness

Managing heat stress and illness at work are considerable challenges, especially in industries like quarrying, mining, defence and emergency services. Read more »
Continued diligence means that hazard management training and identification processes are cascaded through to contractors and labour hire personnel.

Contracting and casual hire pose OHS risks

Short term staff and contractors may pose a risk for potential OHS issues. Read more »

Are you ready for a SCA on site?

With Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) being the largest cause of death in Australia the quarry  industry is not immune. Read more »
The new D11 engine (right) for the Volvo FM range of trucks at the Queensland Truck Show.

Road Transport
FM truck range refitted with new 11 litre engine

Volvo’s new 11 litre truck offers weight sensitive solutions to loading and capacity issues. Read more »
The Granite gas truck potentially reduces particulate matter (soot) by 92 per cent and nitrous oxides by 90 per cent.

Environmental Products
Cleaner Mixer

World’s cleanest concrete mixer comes from Mack Trucks. Read more »
Nick Chapman says the Line O-System offers major savings.

Auto greasing keeps trucks rolling

As fleets grow, maintenance becomes incredibly time consuming. That was until the Groeneveld Single Line O-System came to the rescue. Read more »

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