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A new truck scale was necessary to reduce downtime and service costs.

Road Transport
New truck scale reduces costly downtime

When an aggregate quarry in New York State was required to rectify its weighing systems every 90 days, it installed a load cell truck scale to improve the speed of the calibration checks. Read more »

The TS 1542 stockpiles directly over three gravity reclaim tunnels to the secondary plant.

Automatic stockpiling lifts performance at WA open pit mine

A telescopic stockpiler can handle high tonnages, while ensuring an increased stockpile capacity at a lower capital cost. Read more »
According to Precision Screen, there are major savings to be realised from employing a mobile stockpiler in favour of a wheel loader or excavator.

Stacking vs loading laid bare in dollar terms

Mobile stockpilers can provide the best value for money over a period of time when compared to the stacking requirements on a wheel loader or excavator. Read more »

The operator can easily move the TS 842 radial telescopic stockpiling conveyor to each discharge point as required for maximum flexibility.

Stockpiler makes grade on Sunshine Coast

A Sunshine Coast quarry producer discards its loaders for a radial telescopic stockpiling conveyor to successfully produce road base. Read more »

Maptek geologist Sandra Jara [crouching front left], with the drill rescue team.

Drill & Blast
Mapping technology assists Chile mine rescue

Mining software provider Maptek played its part in the recent rescue of 33 miners at the San Jose copper-gold mine near Copiapo in Chile. Read more »

The CMS is an option on new Sandvik drills,  and is also available in the field as a retrofit.

Drill & Blast
CMS cuts costs, emissions

New compressor management systems offers fuel reduction of up to 40 per cent. Read more »

If there is just one weighbridge, then the system can be  programmed to allow bias in traffic flow at different times of the day.

Automated weighbridges point the way forward

For minimised costs, process efficiency and accurate data, quarry operators should consider automated weighbridge systems.

Read more »

Unlike a conventional radial stacker, a Superior Telestacker can build a 30 per cent larger stockpile up to the wheels.

Building stockpiles: Is stacking the answer?

Quarry operators are leaning more towards stackers and track-mounted conveyors for building their stockpiles. Read more »

Figure 1. The vibrocore set-up for GeoCoastal Drilling.

Drill & Blast
Predicting potential sand products with resource data

How data from drill samples can help quarry operators identify quality sand and gravel deposits in quarrying or dredging. Read more »

The Jordan Cut involved blasting as  close as 50m to occupied houses.

Drill & Blast
Blasting on the cutting edge of suburbia

Blasting in a suburban environment requires a unique approach to breaking rock while abiding by vibration limits and reducing the impact on neighbours. Read more »

Maxam‘s technical service team can provide clients with insights on blast optimisation.

Drill & Blast
Small things make all the difference in blasting

The areas that can be optimised and improved in blasting are small and easy to dismiss, however quarry operators should pay extra attention to the little things.

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Geology Talk
F is for fuller’s earth

Bill Langer discusses the merits of fuller’s earth, the claylike earthy material that decolourises, filters and purifies animal, mineral and vegetable oils and greases.
Read more »


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