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What is quarrying and why is it important?

The simple fact is quarries are a vital part of our modern life. In fact, they have been important throughout history, as far back to the days of the pyramids and earlier. Without quarries, we would not have the stone, gravel and sand that go into any form of construction. Read more »
Castle Rock’s trademark rock formation today against a cloudy backdrop.

Rhyolite - All that glitters is not gold...

It would be fair to characterise Rocky’s geologic life as exceedingly long periods of quiet solitude interrupted by periods of extreme excitement. Read more »
Presence of aquifer in sandy material.

Drill & Blast
The advantages of sonic drilling technology

As a result of its application in sand and gravel extraction in mining, sonic drilling technology potentially offers broader benefits to the quarrying and extractive industries. Read more »
Basalt rock mass showing differing rock types, each requiring differing designs to achieve safe stable walls.

Are your walls safe?

In a pre-risk assessment look at the work environment, managers, supervisors, workers and inspectors must ensure that high walls are safe to work under. Read more »
A standard forklift in operation © Ildar Sagdejev, Wikimedia Commons, 2009.

Forklift hoon caught out on YouTube

After posting videos of himself performing forklift stunts, a 20 year-old man has been prosecuted by WorkSafe. Read more »

Mobile Plant
Weighing shot rock at the face

Face loader plays a key role in the success of a Deer Park quarry. Read more »
Figure 1. Autonomous high-precision strain gauge installed in a residential property to measure the movement of an existing superficial crack in plasterboard.

Managing vibration and airblast issues

Managers and shotfirers must be mindful of the environmental effects of blasting in built-up areas as populations continue to grow around quarry sites. Read more »
Virginia Hilliard

Soap Box
Bravely leaping off the icefloe

The Australian oil and gas drilling sectors have developed competency qualifications for their personnel, but the drill and blast sectors have been slow to react. Read more »

Protecting workers from UV radiation

Release of the Guidance Note for the Protection of Workers from the Ultraviolet Radiation in Sunlight provides practical solutions to issues of sun protection. Read more »

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