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Easy to use in the field, the process includes the installation of marking elements and the generation of photos using a calibrated digital camera.

Drill & Blast
The bigger, better picture in blast design

Advanced digital photogrammetric 3D profiling maximises safety, accuracy and cost-efficiency in blast design. Read more »
Borehole tracking plays a critical part in determining blast design.

Minimising the adverse impacts of blasting

There are socially responsible and cost-effective ways for quarry operators to address community and environmental concerns about blasting. Read more »
William Adams offers Dual-Fuel conversions on most on-highway trucks.

Environmental Products
Alternative fuels key to reducing operating costs

As companies continue to research solutions to reduce operating costs, alternative fuels – including natural gas - are a real and viable option. Read more »

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Tuesday, 18 June, 2019 3:14pm
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