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For the cost of servicing obsolete, unreliable and inefficient gearboxes, SEW-Eurodrive can tailor an engineered drop-in replacement solution to replace ageing drive assemblies.
SEW-EURODRIVE – Driving the world

SEW-EURODRIVE is a global designer, developer and manufacturer of mechanical power transmission systems and motor control electronics. Its range of integrated solutions includes geared motors and gear units, high torque industrial gear units, high-efficiency motors, electronic frequency inverters and servo drive systems, decentralised drive systems, plus complete engineered drive solutions and after-sales technical support/training.

Phone: 1300 SEW AUS (1300 739 287)
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Drop – in Replacement solution
F series gear units and gear motors
K series helical-bevel gear units and gear motors
MOVIDRIVE® B application frequency inverter
MOVITRAC® LTP B standard frequency inverter
R and RX series helical gear units and gear motors
TorqLOC® hollow shaft mounting system
X Series