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Bonfiglioli’s new low backlash TQF series of flanged gearboxes are ideally suited to quarrying applications.
Bonfiglioli’s A Series helical bevel drives are rugged and durable, offering high performance at a competitive price.
Bonfiglioli’s TA series of shaft-mounted reducers are said to set the benchmark for reliability and performance.
Bonfiglioli’s range of Variable Frequency Drives are critical to managing torque and process speeds on conveyor motors.
Bonfiglioli’s planetary/helical Hi Torque drives can be used in different combinations to achieve the optimal gear ratio for individual applications.
Bonfiglioli Transmission Australia is now in it's 27th year of supplying quality gearmotors to industry and is supported by an extensive network of distributors offering unprecedented gearmotor choice, engineering support, prompt service and a vast selection of at-call gear reducers assembled in Australia.

Drives include:
• New generation Heavy Duty Parallel Shaft and HD Bevel Helical multi-purpose gear
units in sizes > 210000Nm
• Trasmital Planetary Gearboxes, series 300, 600,700 & 800 with outputs > 1128000Nm
• Worm Gearboxes, VF, W, WR & W-Ep for hostile environments.
2016 Bulk Handling Award Winner – Excellence in Application of Gears, Motors or Drives
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NEW - Bonfiglioli Trasmital 300M Planetry Gearbox