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Recent News
Available in single- and multi-idler configurations, Active Weighing Solutions’ belt weigher delivers accurate, instantaneous flow rates.
Active Weighing Solutions has added the trade-approved BWT2 belt weigher to its range of weighing systems.
Active Weighing Solutions’ belt weighers can deliver accurate and reliable long-term results.
Active Weighing Solutions belt weighers come in single idler and multi idler configurations.
Pivoted weigh screws, available from Active Weighing Solutions, can deliver constant flowrate bulk materials with an accuracy of better than ±0.5%.
Active Weighing Solutions is a dynamic weighing equipment specialist.

Our range of belt weighers are long proven in the field to be accurate, reliable and rugged. More recently, our expertise in pivoted weigh screw feeders has delivered outstanding product quality control and results for customers.

We design and manufacture the equipment we install in the field. With more than 20 years experience in weighing, our staff have the resources to offer the most effective weighing solutions. Our commitment flows on through to strong after sales technical support and maintenance servicing.

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