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AccuWeigh’s driver control station (DCS) increases effectiveness, safety and profitability by eliminating the need for a trained operator at the station entrance.
LoadMaster is a range of on-board weighing systems designed for the toughest of quarrying environments.
AccuWeigh’s Axle Check 9000E enables customers with existing, full-length, ground level weighbridges to weigh vehicles in motion.
Wireless and solar-powered wheel weigh pads from AccuWeigh are suitable for vehicle measuring on any flat, solid and stable surface.
AccuWeigh’s Drive and Weigh 9000E weighbridge system helps prevent underloading, which can both improve safety and boost profits.
AccuWeigh is Australia's largest supplier of weighbridges, weighing equipment, and product inspection equipment. We offer our customers a comprehensive range of products and solutions, backed by our highly trained and experienced service team, and can supply everything from basic products to complete turnkey solutions.

AccuWeigh's expertise in design, development, implementation and servicing of weighing and product inspection solutions is grounded in our people. All of our team have considerable knowledge and experience, which is further developed by regular training - ensuring you have a great customer experience, no matter what problem we're solving for you.
Measuring Equipment
Shipping Container Scales AccuWeigh has shipping container scales in a range of standard sizes but can also custom design scales.
Metal Detectors
Combination Metal Detector & Checkweighers AccuWeigh supplies high quality combined metal detectors and checkweighers.
Weighing Plant & Equipment
Weigh Hoppers & Hopper Scales Heavy capacity weighing equipment for fitting to hoppers to display the weight of product within the hopper.
Wheel Washing/Truck Washdown
wheel wash systems The AccuWash wheel wash systems are operated automatically with the wheel washing cycle initiated by the presence of a vehicle entering the wheel wash.