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Recent New Products
Ultrahawke’s UltraWash Geowell wheel wash system efficiently removes the heaviest track materials on wheels, axels, tyres and underbodies in one drive through.
Ultrahawke is a supplier of unmanned weighbridges that are open to the public.
Portable weighbridges from Ultrahawke are Australian-made with all-steel fabrication.
Ultrahawke offers weighbridge buyers re-locatable steel foundations.
Henry Binney Hawke arrived in Adelaide on the ship “William Money” on the January 3, 1849 at the age of 21, and took a job at a foundry in North Terrace. H.B. Hawke & Company began business in Kapunda, South Australia in 1857 making castings for the nearby Copper Mines and, by 1867, the company was manufacturing and installing weighbridges. In 1884 Hawke sold out to William Thomas and Rees Rees.

By 1890 H.B. Hawke & Company employed over 90 people including pattern makers, moulders, fettlers, fitters, turners, apprentices and clerks. In 1912 Sir Sidney Kidman took an interest in the business investing some operating capital. In 1926 Kidman purchased all the company’s assets and liabilities.

In 1931 Hawke & Company produced the first Australian designed hydraulic car hoist, which was an instant success. The company continued to manufacture weighbridges, along with hydraulic presses, road rollers, kerbing machinery, and general engineering and repair work.

In the late 1960s, Ultra Scales Pty Ltd, was owned and operated by Eric Brabham, became the representative for Hawke & Company weighbridges on the east coast of Australia. By the mid 1970’s, Ultra Scales Pty Ltd were selling, installing, and servicing many Hawke and Company Pty Ltd weighbridges in eastern Australia, with Eric Brabham having an influence on new designs and manufacturing techniques.

Eric Brabham was an innovator in the Weighing Industry, and introduced much forward thinking to a product that hadn’t changed in basic design for nearly 100 years. He was quick to introduce loadcell technology in to weighbridges, and he would always be open to build in the latest technology.

When Eric decided to retire in 2000, he passed the company on to the current owners, a company that was also an Industry Leader in the field, a position it still holds today.
Weighing Plant & Equipment
Digital Weight Indicators Flintec produces a wide range of Weighing Indicators to suit all weighing applications; from basic weight only indicators up to fully programmable weighbridge terminals.
Wheel Washing/Truck Washdown
UltraWash Wheel Wash Systems An UltraWash Wheel Wash system can remove dust, soil, sand and other harmful build-up on wheels, axles, tyres and under-bodies fully automatically during one easy drive through.